Greenhaven Living

The Gramercy Club at Greenhaven Drive is a modern, secure residential cooperative. Cooperatives have been around for many years in larger cites throughout the world. Our Cooperative is made up of fifty members and is smaller than other Cooperatives in the Twin Cities.

There are numerous activities and amenities available to the members of The Gramercy Club at Greenhaven. Social opportunities created by our social committee provide many opportunities to get to know your neighbors.

The policy of The Gramercy Club at Greenhaven is looked after by our Board of Directors made up of members of the cooperative elected to their position by the membership.  Members have the opportunity to help make the cooperative what they want it to be through active involvement on the board, by attending board meetings and by getting involved in committee activities.

A professional management company with vast experience in managing provides services to The Gramercy Club at Greenhaven. A Housing Manager is present in the building every day during the week to handle the daily business needs of the community.

If the Gramercy Club at Greenhaven Drive sounds like a place that could make your retirement years easier and more interesting, let us know. We will be glad to take you on a personal tour of our building and facility and provide you with detailed information on how to become a member.